Why is it important to have an effective call to action?

Take Action

An effective call to action is the reason you built your website in the first place; to increase your customer base, drive sales, and make the phone ring.  It also provides focus as you build you website content, creates a focus for visitors, and helps measure your website’s success.


Steps to an effective call to action:

  1. Clearly outline the benefits for responding – What’s in it for the consumer?
  2. Offer an incentive to increase conversions – Discount, Free Consultation, Free Gift
  3. Use a small number of distinct calls to action – This can guide the user through the website
  4. Use active language (Call, Join, etc.) – Get on the waiting list, Send information
  5. Position and size of call to action – Position: above the fold, centrally located.  Size: As large as possible

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