Since 2009, we have helped brands successfully connect to consumers with clear, concise messages.  Our work spans many industries and niche markets and our services continue to grow as our clients require specialized service.


At Hopper Innovative Solutions, we’re committed to creating customized solutions and techniques that provide deeper insight and understanding to the mind of the consumer.


Travel & Hospitality

The competitive environment, along with the importance of customer satisfaction make Travel and Hospitality a fascinating industry when marketing and advertising specific products and services.  Consumer advocates keep a watchful eye on this industry and the slightest mishap can turn into a Public Relations nightmare.  The Public Relations team at Hopper Innovative Solutions prepares Travel and Hospitality clients for the rare instances when a contingency plan is required and the press come knocking on your door.  Will you be ready?

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry relies heavily on eye catching, high definition graphics to capture the attention of the consumer.  The media and entertainment industry demands superior quality in everything from Outdoor Advertising like billboards and banners to indoor advertising and point of purchase displays.  New technology is a major player in marketing and advertising for the media and entertainment industries – and consumers are becoming more and more tech savvy.  A web presence including website, social media, and video integration is paramount for the success in this industry.


The Healthcare industry has always been about personal relationships.  When creating marketing messages and designing advertisements, the interaction between the consumer and the healthcare provider must be prevalent.  Social media marketing plays a very important role in the success of a healthcare marketing campaign, and there is no better way to portray the human interaction in marketing than with video. [/tab]

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is always evolving.  Realtors are coming up with new ways to reach home buyers with innovative marketing tactics.  It’s important to stay ahead of the curve with new technology in every aspect including website, mobile apps, social media, and video marketing.  The purchase of a home is the most important many people make in their lives, the key to a successful real estate marketing plan is to create a comfortable atmosphere that allows the decision making process to take place.


E-commerce is actually a multi-industry category, because of the huge number of businesses that can take advantage of the ecommerce website platform. Hopper Innovative Solutions creates an ecommerce website with your customer in mind.  Ease of use is the most important aspect to an ecommerce website, a hard-to-use website can have all the visitors it wants, but if it’s difficult to purchase, they won’t make the sale.  At Hopper Innovative Solutions we focus on creating multiple relevant calls to action on your ecommerce site.

Home Improvement

The home improvement is an industry that relies heavily on customer interaction.  Hopper Innovative Solutions looks as the customer interaction from the outside in.  We look at the entire sales process as an objective outsider and provide insight to improve the personal and professional aspects of the sales call.  The home improvement industry relies heavily on referrals, in our complete marketing/business analysis we focus heavily on the referral process.  To effectively market a home improvement company such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or carpentry, it’s important to take the extra time necessary to get inside the mind of the consumer; and that’s what we do at Hopper Innovative Solutions.


Our favorite partnerships are with educators and the children whose lives they impact on a daily basis.  We feel strongly about creating successful educational organizations.  One of our most recent education clients is Foundations Music School in Soldotna Alaska.