I’m sure you have heard that in order to get your webpage on the first page of Google you have to use something called SEO? Before you jump on the SEO bandwagon, there are some important steps you should take.

Many companies experience the following when they jump in to SEO:  They choose a few keywords, do some research, and make a few changes to their website.  They see their website on the first page, and their website visits increase, but for some reason the phone doesn’t seem to ring any more than before.

After a bit of research, they begin to understand that the people clicking on their link in search results don’t really have a  need or desire for their product.  It’s a harsh reality, but sometimes a particular keyword is not profitable for a business.  The reason for this is that every keyword typed into Google represents a different kind of consumer.

In order to understand the consumer behavior behind keyword searches, it’s important to do the applicable research and test the visits to your website for certain keywords.  The only way to test visits from particular keywords is by utilizing paid search marketing.  The benefit of paid search marketing is you only pay when someone clicks on your link and you can track the performance of your site.

In summary:

SEO will drive traffic to your website as long as you increase your search engine rank for the right keywords.  Paid search advertising will give you instant results and will allow you to track the performance of your site.  When used together, paid search marketing lays the ground work and helps you do the research to get the most out of your SEO plan.